Hop On Hop Off The Hague

hop on hop off tours The Hague

Boat Tour The Hague offers you plenty of Hop On Hop Off locations in The Hague and Scheveningen.


  1. In our ONLINE AGENDA is a free choice of three boarding locations.
  2. If you wish to use one of the other boarding locations, keep in mind that we mostly work with a boat surcharge. Our BOOKING FORM can be used for a free quote.

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Hop On locations in The Hague

In Google Maps you see three Hop On locations with the red colour.

The last two Hop On locations are easy accessible by public transport.

Popular locations in Scheveningen

In Google Maps you see two Hop On locations with the orange colour.

What tour to do in The Hague
Explore The Hague Centre

Are you ready for a beautiful boat cruise in The Hague? It is the best way to explore our historical city. Did you know that our canals are more than 400 years old?! Explore The Hague yourself and cruise with family, friends and colleagues through the canals in The Hague and Scheveningen.

Our royal family has a long history with The Hague. The King and Queen are still living in The Hague with there family. During the boat tour we will pass several important buildings and places that are still connected to our royal family. When you are interested, ask the skipper to guide you during the cruise. Your skipper / tour guide will be more than happy to tell you everything about our beautiful city.

Welcome aboard in royal The Hague – Scheveningen!